Blue Rose Gifts and Ballons 

Heywood Rochdale Mural 

For @manchesterartmonth went to paint the town RED .. well blue and every other colour .. armed with a brush with Trafford Parsons Artist.

 We Painted these shutters in #heywood for Blue Rose Gifts & Balloons ... what a lovely way to spend a sunday .. #happydays

Meeting Beverly who owns the Blue Rose Gifts and Balloons store in Heywood was probably the highlight.

She is the energy behind her whole business of all that is PARTY, she supplies balloons and cards and decorations all for your special day. She can even make you your own personalised chocolates!!!
So I knew a little mural for the front of her shop needed to be bright and reflect her love of parties and celebrations as well as blue roses.

Me being a fan of colour and also flowers, this was right up my street.

I did a little mock up on the design a little candy coloured design .. Knowing Beverly's English Pride too .. i thought this bunting would be just perfect ..

We collectively decided that my colours were a little feminine .. and since I were collaborating with Trafford .. we decided to Changed the pinks for Reds and really tried to use more of the blue red and white and gold with the heritage Colors ... Which i think make the design much more bold and stronger

Marking off the design ... 

Starting To Paint 

Halfway There 

Coming Together 

We managed to finished it all in one day !! Love those lovely long summer days !! 

With Amazing Thanx to
Trafford Parsons -
Beverly Rose -


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