A Walk Around The Northern Quarter

I love meeting people and I love Manchester so I like to throw them both together and show new people how much I like the streets of the Northern Quarter. 

But this time it worked both way... When I met fellow Photographer, Gilly @3foil who also volunteers with me at Oxfam Originals, and is working with music artists. Providing them a space to play music. Go Gilly.

We decided to go out and take some pics and checked out the familiar streets and StreetArt around the centre ... 

                      ‘WAR IMPACT IN CHILDREN LIVES’ BY HYURO 

I love how here Gilly looks at though he is about to fly off into the distance like the dark destroyer Batman !!!

                      Mural featuring a city encapsulated into a water bottle. _  PHLEGM 

What is great when you go out and take pics with another photographer is they know places that they love to take pictures in too.....

 The Hero Returns from saving the world ...... Tall Dark and Brazilian Gilly can be found on instagram @3foil


  1. I love Manchester too! It's always nice to see it from another persons eyes and discover new places in the city. Love those pics you took of Gilly when the sun was setting. P.S Sorry about the multiple comments, for some reason it posted this same one, four times!

    1. XX Much Love .. yes we had some lovely sunsets i was lucky to capure this one.


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