Review of Castaway Resort on Koh Lipe Island


The Beautiful little island of Koh Lipe in Thailand, the Part of my holiday that I was most looking forward to, as we would be a Trio Tanya Weekes of  Tanya Weekes Photography and F Bakare our Legal Exec... Flexing on .... THE HOIBOBS!!! ...

We arrived via Penage, Malaysia's boarder crossing on land and then Pak Barra ferry Terminal in Thailand where we got the boat to the pontoon which was located offshore.

The ride was so awful I was so Nauseous. I would prefer to forget that part to be honest ... im sure all the rides are not that way.. but the staff were all lovely helping you on and off the boats. So nothing to worry about.

 The island can be reached via a few different ways but ultimately you have to arrive at a pontoon in the middle of the ocean. Which then the islands long Tail Taxi boats will take you on to koh Lipe Island. For a Fee of around 50 Bhat which is around £1.15, Also you have to Pay a National Park Fee of around 200 Bhat ... 

The island in self is quite small, we arrived  on a day when the rain had effected the island quite a bit. Even though from the beach where the boat drops us, we could literally walk down to the Castaway Resort we unfortunately could not on that day due to the floods.

Castaway is located on Sunrise Beach and yep the best name because we did get to see beautiful sunrises.

ME in the middle .. Tanya (right) Fatima ( left)


As we arrived with our Taxi to the Resort the friendly staff welcomed up with a refreshing hibiscus drink which we really needed.The actual check in process was super simple and the staff then  walked us down the beach to our very own beach front 'Home'. 


Home for the next 3 days was literally 10 steps from the beach ... with a friendly hammock  outside on the veranda.
The Hut was based on two floors. As you open the front door you are welcomed with the Ground floor. You almost feel as if your still outside, whole idea of the beach huts I'm sure is to feel like your at one with nature. The wooden cabins for sure make you feel this way. Leave your troubles at the door and let nature lead the way. Perfect place for friends, as we were going to have to enjoy group living too
The bathroom it on this floor and pretty much open plan with just the shower separated by a curtain. 

Up the stairs was the bedroom, we had a big double bed and on the end of that a pretty large futon.
The room Was minimal but beautifully decorated with accents of golden and royal blue on the canvas over the bed and cushions hand made in bright red floral prints and crochet patterns. The fresh white linen bed covered with the white mosquito net was just so inviting. The simplicity of the room was perfection.

The place was light even thought the cabin was predominately wooden due to the big balcony windows and the windows to the side of the room. Fresh and breezy. 
The Space was cosy and actually worked for the 3 of us just fine. Happy Days.



I really like that the castaway resort organises once a week a clean up of the island, where you can join them on the beach and collect litter and help with keeping the island rubbish free and be a TRASH HERO !!!.  If you get involved you get a free t- shirt and also a water container  to fill up and your leisure . Yay enjoy. You already know my Moto of stay hydrated this little scheme is great.

The Wifi network is great in the reception area and I really liked that they had an array of charging ports to use too !! The reception area in General is a lovely communal area to see all the other residence and also they have a lovely bar area with a small library too !!! There are also resident dogs but they are both really friendly and go about their own buisness.

Also you can get involved with the daily YOGA which is on every day at 7am !!! With the resident yoga teacher Sara. Who will take it nice and easy for your needs.
They also have all sorts of other amenities like snorkel and dive school and you can hire equipment and get your self out into the water and see some sea life.

They have lovely new Bikes on the resort which we didn't get to try due to the floods but they were super fresh clean a fab looking. Im sure they will be lovely to try.  


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