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Casa De La Salud | Sevillia

This mural began when I was visiting friends in Sevilla.  The plan was for me to visit and paint murals in Sevillia over the weekends while I was working in Ecija about an hour way. That didn’t happen. But what did happen was I did a mock up of the front of the shop with a great passion to one day paint the front.  During that trip I did a mock up. And life continued I worked and traveled around Andalusia and then- CO-Vid 19 hit and we were house bound but my work as an artist continued. After we were able to travel again I moved to Sevilla. The casa de la salud was still in my mind- the beautiful building with the tiles I needed to go and visit the store. Having met Rosario Navara who has had the business in her family for over 60 years once belonged to her mint her and now as a trained herbalist runs the store herself.  I approached her with more the mock up and to my delight we worked together to create another design that suited her needs better.   The whole piece took me around a

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